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Weird Intermitent Clunking?

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Twice in 2 days this has occurred. I was driving around 40-45mph when I heard a clunking noise that sounded just like a flat tire. It even slowed down as I started to slow down and turn into a gas station. I checked the tires and all was good. I checked to make sure there was no fluids dripping. I drove away and there was no noise.

The second time I wa doing abut the same speed. From what I recall I was just barely on the throttle holding my speed. When it strated clunking, I gave the throttle a quick burp and it went away.

I took it to Firestone over the weekend just to make sure it wasn't something obvious like a CV joint or something. They couldn't find anything and so far it hasn't happened again.




ps. once was less then a mile from my house, next time was about 5 miles away.

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I haven't narrowed it down yet. The first time it happened I automatically thought "crap, I gota flat" on my way to work. The second time it only lasted about 10 seconds before I goosed the throttle to see if it would go away. It went away and hasn't happened since. Right now I'm waiting nervously for it to happen again so I can get more info. That's the worst feeling, not knowing what it is or if it's going to leave me stranded on the side of the road.

Granted Firestone mechanics aren't the best , but they put it onthe rack and looked over the brakes and suspension and couldn't find anything. They had the wheels off and what not.

I'll update when/if it happens again.

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