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Gmpp Exhaust

06 v-maxx

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From what I have seen a 3" exhaust will be plenty for a boosted truck unless you plan on going for some serious power. If you don't plan on changing pullies, headers, or the cam then it will be fine. If those sound like things you might be interested in then a 3.5" single would be a better option. The problem is that I don't think you will be able to find a 3.5" bolt on for your truck, so it will have to be a custom exhaust. If you go that route make sure its mandrel bent to maintain the better flow characteristics of the bigger pipe.


On a side note I own this exhaust system and I'm pretty happy with it. To be honest I wish it were a little more "in your face". There was absolutely no drone when I didn't have a tip on there, but something changed when the tip was added and now there is a slight drone. I have a funky dual walled tip though... and I think that causes it. I am also fine with the exhaust the way it is now because I plan on going with a catless header system, and some of the other cat backs I've heard with an ORY were a but too raspy for my tastes. This one should still sound great.

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