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Ok guys,

I have been gettin emails and PMs and texts to see if I am available to do work. here is what i decided to do. I took 2 weeks off to get some of you taken care of. the 2 weeks before Easter. I will be leaving Jersey, heading west into Illinios, Down to St Louis, over to KC, then up to Des Moines (my kids there and I wanna see her) then back home.


I want to get hotels and nights planned, so if you would like some of things I can do, (listed below) let me know and I will get you priced and set up dates. Also, if you are able to host and I can use your garage, that would be GREAT! otherwise, i will be in walmarts parking lot J/K!!


headliners, HIDs, Audio, Remote starters, Alarms, Audio, Lighting, anything electrical, interior work, gauge pods, you name it, I will try it.


I need this set in stone so I know what to bring with me or ship to you for when i arrive. also, i would live to have a deposit so I know you are 100% FOR REAL. I Often get to locations and over half have backed out, so I am out time and money.


My cell is 515-883-0606. text is the best way to get ahold of me. otherwised PM me and I will set up a schedule of when and where I will be


I am also willing to go off the beaten path to help you out. I can sku and take care of you, but these will be the general areas I will be in.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!!!


JERSEY guys, I am free SUNDAYS for whatever you may need!

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If the timing is right, I'd be at shauns for a headliner and maybe a few other things depending on when you're there. I know you narrowed it down to two weeks but if/when you have a more specific time in KC, I can plan/pay for what I want done. Last resort, I'll just try to get in on it last minute IF you have time available when you're there. Not sure how else to do this. Any ideas on your part, I'm all ears. Mike

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OK, here is the tenative plan. leave jersey on the 9th of April, stop in Ohio to do some HIDs, then the 10th hit Chicago area, I have a full on system to do there, a headliner, a instrament cluster, and as always, Bonj, PDB and Allballz love to add work to me. so I will be there till prolly the 13th, when I will hit Brian in the st lou area as well as Jenny wants to hit the Arch and Bud Brewery for a day of relaxing. which puts me in KC for roughly the 15th-16th depending on how the prior week goes. IN KC i have shaun and mike to hit up, as well as TZER if he wants to grab a brew or something. I will be in KC for 2-3 days then up to Des Moines where I have alot of old friends and my daughter i want to spend time with. I doubt I will be commiting to any overnight hotels, just hit them on the fly, also more than likely, we will have our Dog. (he hates when mom is gone to long, so we will prolly take him)



so with all this dates coming to be set in stone. does this help anyone with setting things up? get me a 100% list of what you would like done, so i can shoot you a price, and plan the time as well as get things ordered.



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