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Jddmj'S '06 Silverado


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From been on the forum for awhile no, to my knowledge, I have not posted some recent pictures of the build from the past few months. These are just crappy cell phone pics, and the truck is nasty from the winter weather. Please overlook

Current mods include:
Silverado SS Spoiler
Tinted LED Tail Lights
Roll Pan
Silverado SS Black Replica's
tinted ambers on headlights
Flat Black Billet Bowtie
Soft Rugged Cover Bed Cover
Smooth and Painted door handles
Dual Exhaust with Billy Boat tips coming out the side in front of rear tire
Alpine Double Din Head Unit
Kenwood 900 Watt amp
2 12" Pioneer Premier Shallow Mount Subs under rear seat
Regency RST Jon Moss Signed Gauges Blue
Console Change Out
SS front bumper, black with flat black ducts
Black SS Wheels
Street Scene Mirrors
2/4 Drop on Belltech Shocks

Street Scene SS roll pan

De-Chromed Grill painted black
Future Mods:
Finish up Stereo with some kick panels, loaded with Mids & Highs
Full leather interior, with some blue trim
Some Carbon fiber trim
Wheatley Tune

and maybe more...........just according to what I find :fingersx:

Tell me what you think, and thanks again for being such a great site for us 'Truckaholics'









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I have seen and done some paint work on this truck, just the SS spoiler, door handles, bowtie, tinted taillights, and ambers in the front. The pics dont do it justice and will really pop when you get the SS bumpercover on it in a couple weeks. So hurry up and get the cover to me so we can lay some ppg paint on it....:thumbs:

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What rims should I go with Boys & Girls......It they wasnt pitted beyond looking good, I would keep what I got. I have been thinking so Flat Black Replica's or Silver SS rims in a 20" due to having new 20" tires. I dont like rims that look smaller than what they are, and Chrome is not out of the picture, but I want something thats a little easier to take care off

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With the wonderful help of Carl LQ9 SS, the SS bumper cover is on. So I took the time out today to wash her up, and show everyone what my truck actually looks like clean .Now I just need to decide which grill im going to go with Billet or Honeycomb. I think it looks great, what do you all think?dbanana.gif im loving it myself.100_1210.jpg





And a picture of the Billy Boat tips out the side


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