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Anyone From The Charlotte N.C. Area?


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Hey guys. i have not been around much lately but thats going to change.


anyways, we're thinking of moving from Pittsburgh down to the Fort Mills S. Carolina area and was wondering if any of you guys lived near by? I'm in the IT field so i will be looking for a job, probably early 2012. Just trying to get a feel if i will know anyone in the area or what its like down there. Nothing is concrete and we have yet to even visit the area but are headed down there next weekend. anyways, post up if you are from or know the area or know of any businesses with deep roots in the technology industry. thanks!

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Nice to hear from you again and know your still alive,I was just wondering what had happened to you.


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thanks Brother! still alive and doing great. We have a 22month old that keeps me busy busy busy!

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