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IAT Spark add

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I have seen a Radix tune that has reduced values in this table. But also consider that the Radix kit relocates the IAT sensor into the intake manifold. They don't have timing pulled until 60C, vs 30C for stock tune.

I can see why you would want to adjust this table - since your base timing is lower with forced induction, you don't need as much timing pulled due to high IATs. I think it would be safe to take a few degrees out of this table, but I am not sure how far to go with it.

One way to "safely" adjust this table would be to leave it stock and adjust the hi octane table only. Use your logs to find the maximum timing without KR. Then use your logs of IAT vs timing advance to scale back the IAT adjustment and apply the same adjustment to the hi octane table. (Example: Stock hi oct = 15, IAT = -3, total timing = 12. change IAT table to 0 and hi oct table to 12.)


Have fun tuning that turbo. :D

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