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Specific Cam Selection

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Okay, so first I'll tell you the set up.

-transgo HD2 shift kit

-2-4 Tci billet servos

-160* stat

-150 wet shot

-obx long tubes with no cats and flowpro duel in duel out 3 inch all the way.

-AEM cai

All of those parts are sitting in my room waiting for warmer weather to install. Now for a few questions. What plugs should I get because of the NOS? What pump and injectors should I get? Walbros a no go cuz I want it to last and I'm thinking 44lb injectors but I need brands. A wheatley tune is going to top this off (if your reading charlie don't get too excited, still a few months away :banghead: lol) but I'm going to drain and flush my rad because I'm installing that stat and I was thinking why not remove it and install a cam :pepsicheer: the problem is what cam should I get? I plan on a maggie or radix eventually, so what's the biggest cam I can go with and not get too much blow by while on boost? and still be decent for a NA setup. the NOS mixes things up a bit too :happysad: I guess I'm looking for the jack of all trades of cams. Good NA flow, good NOS tolerability, and possible boost, with low blow by if I choose to go FI in the future. Thanks for reading my book of a thread :squintnoeswerdrun: but your help is MUCH appreciated. :pepsicheer:

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