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Tested: Ddm Tuning Vs Kryptonbulbs!

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So I just installed my first Kryptonbulbs HID kit after about 3 years of loyalty to DDM tuning. I decided a back to back comparison was in order so I took plenty of pictures of my DDM setup then ordered myself a Kryptonbulbs kit. I will get to my thoughts in a second, but first let me tell you the setup:




The kit is going in my 2010 STI low beam projectors. I replaced a 55w DDM tuning 5000k kit with a 35w Kryptonbulbs 5000k kit. I ordered a wiring harness with the Krypton kit but I havent used it yet because they dont seem to have any trouble firing up. Krypton takes the lead up front due to firing issues with the DDM kit.




Installation: The install went very smoothly and I was once again able to tuck the entire setup into the projector housing, so all of the wiring actually fit behind my dust cover! The only thing thats a bit weird about installing this kit was the way the bulbs interface with the stock connector. The wires attached to the HID bulb come basically stripped back and without a connector that is capable of connecting to my stock connector. This meant I had to stick the different stripped back positive and negative wires into the receptacles of the stock connector piece. Although it was pretty easy to do, liberal use of tape was required to ensure that they would remain in the proper sockets. In the end, no big deal but this category goes to DDM for their easy connectors.




So on to initial impressions- The Krypton kit is a way clearer white color than the DDM kit. The DDMs have a very noticeable blue tint that tends to seemingly disappear when driving next to a car with stock headlights so the Kryptons definitely win in the color category. The only thing about the Kryptons is that they project "hot spots" onto the road directly centered in front of the car where the light overlaps from the different projectors. They seem to be brighter the DDM kit and possibly even light up objects a little further away than the DDM kit. I think part of the reason that is the case is because the temperature of the light allows it to travel a little further before getting washed out. The DDMs appear to have crisper cutoff line than the Kryptonbulbs. Again I am giving Krypton a win again for clarity of light and brightness, although the hot spots do bother me.




Ok, on to the pictures. It should be noted that my high beam bulbs are also a 55w 5000k DDM kit, and they run in tandem with the low beams when I turn my brights on. So here are the pix of the DDM setup, low then high:




And here is my Krypton setup, low then high:




The pictures were taken from my Iphone4, so I apologize for the quality. In the end, I have decided to name Kryptonbulbs as the winner of my little comparison! Not only is it a more affordable kit, it also has the clearer color output and is even brighter! Now if only we could cure those hot spots...........

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