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20" Torque Thrust Wheels


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I'm actually in Toronto but my mail box is in Niagara Falls NY.That is where I get all my US parts sent to.I list my address in NY as I have lost a lot of sales because board members in the US do not want to ship to Canada.Can you send pics and details to [email protected]

I also have a lot of GN parts if you need anything. I would also sell/trade my painted SS wheels and tires.:pepsicheer:



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What price range are you looking to sell your SS rims for?



I dont mind the Torque rims but they are not my favorite either. I agree they look older on your truck but sometimes the older look is more classic.

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agreed....but still not my thing lol. Your truck looks great though

Thanks. I only use the Torq-Thrusts for winter now. I bought a set of BBS 9.5 in. wide wheels for summer, with 305-50/20 General Grabber UHP tires. I like that look even more. :)

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