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P0135 & P0155 (O2 Heater Performance)


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Over a year ago I installed ARH 1-7/8" headers, truck ran great, no PCM codes and O2 sensors worked fine. But this winter I received P0135 & P0155 codes, poor O2 Heater Performance, and they are on full-time now - does this mean I need new O2 sensors? They have 80K-miles on them now. Or should I tune those error codes out and just keep running them? Looking at my log files, they seem to continue switching just fine :dunno: and several have suggested that the O2 sensors are fine and the headers are to blame.


Anyone else running ARH headers have to tune out the P0135 & P0155 codes in their PCM? Or is it just coincidence that the heating element in both O2 sensors has failed at the same time and I need to buy two new ones?


Mr. P. :)

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Most pacesetter guys have to mod table B4105 to get the CEL to go off. try increasing the value of the first 4 cells from 600mV to 500mV. If that doesnt help out then you just might need new o2's. it could also be that the age of the headers now causes heat to escape fairly fast, which in turn will give you the error codes you are getting.


Edit: this is a long shot, but how far away are you from San Antonio, Tx. I am stuck there right now. NVMD, its about 300 miles away

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