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Finally Some Pictures


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Weather finally let up for me to clean up the truck and snap some pics. Past couple weeks I painted and installed my baer brakes. Also lowered another 2 inches all the way around,got rims powdercoated, and tinted the brake lights. Can I get some opinions from you guys..what you think I should do with my handles and mirrors? I was thinking color match everything or just color match the mirrors and the handle shells color matched with gloss black handles.. Enjoy!

post-19425-053550300 1300140166_thumb.jpg

post-19425-004554800 1300140168_thumb.jpg

post-19425-029563500 1300140169_thumb.jpg

post-19425-053484000 1300140170_thumb.jpg

post-19425-082813100 1300140171_thumb.jpg

post-19425-010228700 1300140181_thumb.jpg

post-19425-023897800 1300140182_thumb.jpg

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im on it CTSSS :thumbs: ..tomorrow im pulling handles, mirrors and grill shell off to paint..I acutally want to do away with the middle center of the bar but I cant seem to find a one piece billet grill

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Go back to the blue strip separating the 2 halves of the grill with a black bowtie, then paint the billet grill black! Your door handles and mirrors need to be blue........... Your definitely on the right track though.

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