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Every year here in tiny Woodstown NJ at the fair grounds there is a "custom" car show. I say "custom" because there are some lack of "custom" cars and trucks there, however there is the occasional blow you away custom something there. Im new to this forum, but I think it would be cool if some of the SSS trucks were represented at the show. As far as setting it up on here I am clueless. I do know that on their web site, which is still showing the 2010 show but maybe updated soon, they have the registration info and Im assuming prices and such will remain close to or be the same. Maybe someone with a little more experience on here could set it up, Im just attempting to bring some attention to it. fingersx.gif


Heres the link to their website with last years info on it. http://www.lowrollers.com/LRhome.htm


This year the dates are Aug 20 & 21.

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oh yea, i live under rt 40. lol no my road ends at cowtown i live right next to auburn the cowtown part was just a general location. You say cowtown to anyone in the tristate area and they are like oh ok

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Heres a pic of mine when i bought it


post-19390-021320300 1300929243_thumb.jpg


and then what it looks like now


post-19390-054045800 1300929268_thumb.jpg



I have true dual flowmaster super 44s, volant cold air intake, and most recently a Wheatly tuned PCM. Its fun to drive...... peelout.gif

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