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Heavy Oxidiation On Chrom Wheels :O(

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Hey everyone. So I could really use some assistance on this one. I am finally about to put my chrome rims back on after about 2 years and lets just say they were pretty nasty looking. They had these green spots all over them which I am guessing it was from the winter. I meant to go over to my aunt's house where they were stored but never had time and had to clean them. I have no before pics but today I tried to clean the mess out of them with eagle 1 chrome cleaner, soap and water, and the put some chrome polish on them and this is what I am left with:






Is there anything I could do to restore these rims back? Now these are GM aftermarket 20s which I am guessing isn't the best chrome in the world but would like to get them back to OEM if possible.

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Yea I ordered some stuff to try and bring back the chrome appearance just a little bit more but I plan to get the powder coated next summer the color of the car. Thanks for the info fellas.

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