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I have a signature request, not too good w/ photoshop etc. I'm looking for a signature. Ill give some description and you add your taste on from here.. Post it in this forum. I'll reward the best looking sig with $$$$ through paypal.


Font: Wretched / SS (They dont have to be together but somewhere on the pic. Also the SS the actual SS Image not just regular font w/ SS )

Colors: Black/red

Pictures: http://i51.tinypic.com/53pw5i.jpg OR http://i51.tinypic.com/21nql2g.jpg

Background/Overlays: Something dark. Smoke/Graveyards/Tombstones... Add your taste.




I'll Reward 20$ to the person that spends a good amount of time and dedication to this picture. I'm good for my word.


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That is hawt, create more if you'd like. Contest is not limited to one. I'll announce the winner 5 days from March 18. MARCH 23, i'll post up the winner. Winner will leave paypal address, and i'll reward 20$. Add your own taste to it, even if it's not in my description. The best will take all. Open to many

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Something like urs would be nice asset, I like yours. Throw some twist in it, red and black. Doesnt NEED to be animated. Btw that ones hot too... gj on ur first animated :P u can post lots. Was just about to TTT this post, Jd was almost about to get 20$ by default, want a competition!

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