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305-40-22 Tire Pressure


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i just want the tires to wear evenly. as far as tires, ill be running Firestone Destination ST. It kinda looks like the nittos. I work there and get a killer discount, all 4 for a shade over 500 bucks, with road hazard and tax

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I will be getting some new rims soon and plan on running a 305-40-22. What are you guys running as far as tire pressure on these?


If your wanting a good tire pressure to run for just daily driving in the city/urban areas..? For that, I keep my tire pressure at 42psi. I'm currently running 22x10" Niche Chrome wheels with Nitto 420's which are 305/45/R22. 42psi gives me a good balance between ride quality and MPG. 42psi also seems to give the tires a nice and even wear pattern. These tires suck though.. IMO. The set of wheels I had before I bought these Niche's.. were also 22" but I was running those Hancooks (Hankook? spell-check) and those seemed to ride really good no matter the tire pressure. Only reason I bought these Nitto's was because they were already mounted on the rims when I bought them and they had like close to 1/2 of the tread life left.. and the price I got the entire package for was unbelievable so I couldn't pass it up and just decided I would run these Nitto's until they become bald and then worry about finding a better tire to run.


But yeah, 42psi is an all around good pressure to run your tires at if you do a lot of daily/in-town (city) driving.



I do have a question for everyone though if you guys don't mind me asking that is. My question is.. is with these wide tires I'm running right now..the truck likes to pull to the left or right whenever I drive over roads that have been worn down and have those damn ruts you know? These wide tires want to fall into the cavity of the ruts and then it becomes almost a complete battle to keep the truck from falling into and following the ruts in the road. My question is this.. without having to buy a skinnier tire.. what would my options be in order to maybe help me keep the truck from fighting me at the wheel when this happens?


I thought about maybe installing a steering stabalizer. Would that work? I mean, I'm sure it would.. but have any of you guys tried this or thought about it? If so, mind pointing me in the right direction? I mean, who sells them for a 2-wheel drive 2005 Chevrolet Silverado?


Any help with this issue would be GREATLY appreciated because I bought this truck brand new right off the showroom floor back in 2005 and I've kept her in absolutely like-new condition for the past 7 years now and she still runs like she did new.



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I run all mine at 36 psi. I've got the 305/40/22 nitto 420's, but they suck.


I have to agree with you on that one. I'm currently running the same tire only mine are the 305/45/R22 Nitto 420's. They don't ride all that bad as long as you keep the psi above 40psi. That's what I've noticed anyways. I run mine at 42psi for around town/city/daily driving. But, if I'm about to go somewhere and I know I'll be running on the interstate/highway for most of the trip I'll go ahead and bump up the psi to 46psi. Not only does this help with the ride quality but it also helps with the MPG.

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With wide tires I've found if the road is worn a little or has groves there's not much you can do really it just kida catchs the sidewall and pulls you on in. I run 305/50/20 and run them at 36 to 38 psi. Seems to b a happy medium

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Per the door placard, 30psi front and rear for a P275/55/20. When this pressure is referenced on the Tire and Rim Association (TRA) Chart, the stock tire size can carry exactly 2249lbs per tire. This weight is what you want to try and match with the new tire size. Referencing 2249lbs on the TRA chart for the tire size of P305/40/22 yields a pressure of 35psi front and rear.


I am running P305/45/22 tires and have to only run 28psi front and rear to achieve the stock load carrying capacity.


prestinb (Brandon)

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