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Towing To Car Show


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In the month of May, me and a friend of mine are going to the performance years car show in PA. (http://performanceyears.com/openhouse.asp) He is going to enter in his 06 GTO and for kicks I am going to enter in the 1500 chevy_icon.jpg His GTO is rated 3725lbs and I was going to pick up a the full uhaul car trailer (http://www.uhaul.com/Reservations/EquipmentDetail.aspx?model=AT) and tow it up there. Only Him and I and his son(7yrs) will be in the truck. I know the tow hitch says 5000 lbs but wondering what would you guys recommend. I have nothing right now that watch my tranny temp but I do have the larger 40,000 tranny cooler, shift kit with some servos and I have power slot rotors, HAWK pads, and SS lines with racing brake fluid. This will be my first time hauling anything with the truck so I wanted to get some advice. Do I really need to purchase the trail brake controller? My buddy has a dash hawk so I am thinking about pulling it out his GTO and plugging it into the truck just for the trip but any help is greatly appreciate.


P.S. Hopefully I may see some of you at the show.

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Thanks for the advice. I will look into the trail brake system and possibly getting a aerocatch inteceptor.

U-Haul trailers use serge breaks :jerk: i myself don't care for them at all. every time you decelerate the breaks will come on, a pain to get use to. maybe the newer ones also have electric breaks..


good luck..

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As far as I know they all have surge brakes.If they do you can't use a brake controller.Some states have different laws on surge and electric brakes.If you have never towed before I suggest you rent a trailer for one weekend and give it some practise.The internet is loaded with info.I've towed for over 40 years.BE CAREFULL.Especially in the rain.Trailer tire pressure is critical.Get your gas card ready.:)

Good luck.

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