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My Rcsb Silverado Ss Clone Build


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Just a preface... this will be a very slow build. My estimate is 1-2 years. I will be building this with my little girl as a daddy/daughter project, so bare with me. Without further...


I gave in... couldn't resist the looks of a RCSB with the SS Cladding slammed on 22s, and I surely miss my crew cab... so, decided to jump into a new project and see where it takes me.


Plans are still tenative, but it will be pretty basic as far as body mods.


OUTSIDE: Starting out with a 2000 Silverado frame and cab. 03+ Core support, 03+ fenders, 03+ headlights and parking lights, 06 Grill, 06 Hood, and all the OEM SS Cladding, brackets, and even OEM fasteners. Tailgate will be shaved and have the SS Intimidator Spoiler, tails will be smoked. Color I am looking at is Cyber Gray with matte black ducts and all the grill inserts (This has now changed to Black with Competition Gray Ducts).


INSIDE: Interior is still 99-02, but has bucket seating with the 99-02 console. Charcoal in color, but it won't last, going to paint the entire interior. Buckets will be black Katzkin leather and black carpet, double stitched red thread.


SUSPENSION: McGaughys 5/7 to start, will go lower as needed. I'd ultimately like the tire to tuck just into the fender.


ENGINE: Still up in the air. 4L80e and N/A LQ4/LQ9 tweaked and eventually will go F/I :evil:. Rear end already has an Eaton Locker and 4.10s, but it's only a 10-bolt till she breaks. Still debating on exhaust, but I want this thing to be very very quiet until the cutouts open. :)


WHEELS: Going with TBSS 22" Replicas, competition grey. Hopefully will be able to stuff a BBK behind the wheels.


I'll post more as I start the build.


I was supposed to scoop up the project recently, but she isn't ready to roll just yet, so as soon as schedules coincide, I'll post pics and start this thread rollin...


Thanks in advance to those who have been helping me acquire the parts so far, you know who you are. :shake:


And Thanks to WHATABURGER (from GMFS.com) for the Rendering :shake:


*initial rendering was for gray with black wheels, but I swapped it back to black with gray wheels since then




-Smooth Black handles (no chrome please)

-Tailgate Handle Relocater

-6.0L (LQ4/LQ9) Longblock

-4L80 and conversion parts

-Z06 Front/Rear Calipers (Corvette Grand Sport calipers are ok too)

-15" Baer Rotors for front, 14" for rear (drilled and slotted)

-Stainless brake lines for all 4 corners

-Stainless Long Tubes with Catalytics (been the ORY route, not happy)

-LS6 Cam and Yellow Springs

-Air Intake (Volant or equivalent)


Should also add.. I'm on the fence about something. Black with Chrome TBSS 22s, or keep them Competition Grey? decisions!!!

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For the tailgate relocator you could get one on ebay for like 25 thats where i got mine im doing the same build as well with the ISS wing.....that cyber gray is beautiful color on trucks i had my 08 painted that color

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