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Thanks To The Northeast Crew

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I just want to thank some of the members of the Northeast crew for the help they gave me this weekend installing and tuning my Maggie.


Kevin for the loan of his garage,and his install and tuning knowledge, you sir are a true professional.

Mark for his monkey like ability to crawl under the hood and under the truck and get some stubborn a$$ connectors and fuel pump hooked up. He does a good job detailing fan shrouds too.

Tim for his lightning quick ability to unplug injector harness connectors and getting the fuel pump up and running (no fuse=no power to pump).

Dan and Niko for their help especially be the gopher boys its not the most glamorous job but still needs to be done and someone needs to babysit Niko.

Niko thanks for hangin despite the incident that happened.

Eddie Mack and sons for bustin on Niko and helping get the pulley issue straightened out.

Thanks again for the day of fun and laughs.

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