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Subwoofers Digital Designs

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I am selling some digital design subwoofers i recently purchased. They are brand new in box never been connected or used. A list of what i have is as follows:

(2) digital designs part # 1508 subwoofers, 8 inch sub $250 each

(1) digital designs part # 1510 subwoofer, 10 inch sub $270

(1) digital designs part # 1012 subwoofer, 12 inch sub $185

(2) digital designs part # 1512 subwoofer, 12 in sub $280 each

(1) digital designs part # c3b amplifier $375

(1) digital designs part # c2b amplifier $225


A friend and I decided to buy the above stereo equipment and I made the initial payment on everything and then my friend backed out and I am now stuck with product. I am selling what I purchased because of lack of funds on my project. As i stated earlier everything is new in box. Each speaker is hand made here in the USA. I will be posting pics and i will be excepting offers, just really need to get my money back from what my friend said he would pay for. Just youtube some digital designs subs and they are exceptional! let me know if your interested. thanks

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