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Granatelli MAFs SLP rockers and Lunati on sale!

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The following products are on sale through Sunday evening (8/1) -


$50. off all Granatelli MAF sensors


53302 SLP 1.85 rocker arm package with LS1/LS6 springs and keepers $494.99


53304 SLP 1.85 rocker arm package with SLP Springs, Titanium Retainers and keepers $679.99




We're also offering deep discounts for all products that Lunati produces including their cams, pistons, rods and rotating assemblies. They have 14 kits available with sizes ranging from 347 to 447 cubic inches! The Lunati engine assemblies are made with the finest Lunati engine components including a Lunati Pro-Series crankshaft, Lunati Pro-Billet connecting rods, Lunati forged pistons, rings, bearings, and piston pins. The pistons and rings come in 0.005" oversize to accommodate honing to clean up the cylinders. The top ring is a 1.5 mm moly plasma pre gapped ring, second ring is 1.5 mm cast-iron reverse-twist, and the oil ring is 3 mm three-piece. The assembly is internally balanced and the reluctor ring is installed.


Some of the Lunati strokers don't work with all blocks. They require a 6.0 block.


Just give us a call or e-mail for pricing!


Orders can be placed online or by calling our Order Line.

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