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Timing table changes in lower RPMs

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Ok, this is on 2bseen's 2003 Silverado SS 6.0 that I'm working on. Here's what is done so far. Headers, 3,000 stall, cold air intake, Patriot stage II 6.0 heads, MTI B1 221/221 .558/.558 114lsa cam, no cats, magnaflow muffler, and a shift kit in the trans. I have the idle and part throttle driving really really good on this truck. After deleting the torque management and setting the timing as follows The truck is running MUCH better.

.60g/cyl to 28* from 3200 and up,

.64 to 28* from 3600 and up

.68 to 28* from 4000 and up

.72 to 28* from 4000 and up

.76 to 28* from 4000 and up

.80 to 28* from 4000 and up

.84 to 28* from 4000 and up


Now, my question is.. when I bring the truck up on the stall and launch it feels a little "soft" until it reaches 4000rpm. Looking at my logs when I do this I see that the converter flashes to around 3000rpm or so and at that point I only have 19* of timing... then when I get up to 4000rpm where I hit my higher timing tables it takes off. I did some figuring today and here is my g/cyl and timing for a "launch"

3000rpm .71g/cyl 19*

3370rpm .72g/cyl 19.5*

3625rpm .75g/cyl 19.5*

3800rpm .76g/cyl 23*

3900rpm .82g/cyl 24.5*

Above that point I get into the higher timing. how much timing are you guys running in the lower RPMs (2800 to 3800rpm) at the .60g/cyl to .88g/cyl area? If I jack that timing up some, will that make it leave harder? Also, going by my LS1 car, I've noticed that MAF flow rate is a good indicator of rwhp.. ie, if I'm reading 45lb/min I'm making about 450rwhp on my car. Has anyone checked this on the 6.0's to see if it is accurate?

Thanks for reading my long post.


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Thanks for all the hard work on the truck. Did you install the wheels?

LOL.. I was so tired last night I didn't attempt it... I did buy some lugnuts today :lol: That will be a good project for me tomorrow after work.

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I'd guess you might be able to get around 25 or 26* starting around 3000rpms. Just be sure and watch for KR. Should help the launch.

I went ahead and bumped it up to 25* from 2200rpm to 2800, then 26* above that until I get to the area where I was already at 28*. I also multiplied the PE by 104% to make sure it's safe until the wideband tune Saturday.

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