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Vibrating Sound


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I just did my longtube install and now I have a rubbing or vibrating noise coming from my exhaust somewhere. When the truck is in park on neutral there is no noise but drive, reverse or 3 2 1 makes the vibrating sound. It is coming from under the cab so could it be from a loose bolt or my y pipe not having the pipes flush against the y pipe?


Edit: it does do it in neutral but not as bad. Only happens when I'm stopped or creepin under 10 mph

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The vibration you hear/feel is because 1 of the 2 slip joints in the midpipe kit has come loose. The band clamps that come with the kit really suck, I had the same problem. Even if you slip the pipes back together and tighten the hell out of the clamp, they will loosen again in time. I wound up having the slip joints welded to avoid any further issues.....

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