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T56 Swap In Vmax?

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I saw that a guy did it on his silver ss but I could not find the thread ..it was about 8mo ago when I saw it..

just wondering if anyone else has done it and how they like it. I wanted the shifter to come through the cup holder in the console so it would look like a short throw shifter.. where could I find all the parts for the project etc etc

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You can do the swap but its not going to hold up. Most of the people ive seen put T56s in silverados have taken them back out because they dont hold up behind a heavy truck. A friend of mine even had one in his regular cab 5.3 silverado and it broke then he pulled it our built it to viper specs and it still broke. The swap is more of a hassle than its worth. You might run into issues getting your speedo to work correctly youll need a custom drive shaft if you have the stock G80 rear diff youll have to take that out because youll grenade that real fast with a 6 speed manual,youll also need to re gear your rear end, youll need a crossmember out of a manual silverado and youll need a clutch pedal master cylinder slave cylinder out of a T56 car youll also need to trim your brake pedal or swap your brake pedal in order for the clutch pedal to fit. If you want my honest opinion dont even bother wasting your time with a 6 speed manual in a silverado especially a regular cab because it just wont hold up. And you still wont be able to shift a T56 in a truck like you can in a light car. I just wouldnt even bother. Ive said it before if anyone with a silverado plans on doing a trans swap just do an 80e swap then youll have no worries.

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