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Just Bought My 2Nd Ss

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Wassup everyone, I just traded my 2000 Toyota Tacoma Trd PreRunner w/ 150k miles for an awd 2003 silverado ss w/ 80k bone stock. Finally I got a big boi truck to haul my quad and do yard work without making multiple trips due to the small bed/payload the Tacoma had. This will be my 3rd ss I owned, previous ones were a 96 impala ss (sold), 01 camaro ss (still own) and now this silverado ss, yeehaw!


Now, some questions I got are, is there anything I gotta worry about with the awd drivetrain? What maintience should of been done by 80k? (I haven't read the owners manual yet), and are you guys getting around 17mpg?


Thanks in advance.


Damn how do I change my topic title? I forgot about the impala I had.

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Congrats, out of the 3, the Silverado is the best. @ 100k. I changed the Wheel hubs(one went back, but I changed all), Spark plugs, U joint, ball joints(UPPER) Shocks(installed DJM 3/4) Brakes(rotors/calipers/pads), tie rods inner and outter, sway bar links, and bushings. I know it doesnt have much to do with drivetrain, but just giving idea of what I did. And 17MPG? You're lucky! I don't get that I get 14MPG. (not stock) I know members here that get 7-10MPG. Congrats agian.

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Congratulations and welcome! :cheers: Some maintenance items to do (especially if you don't have the prior records) change the fluid in both differentials (I use Mobil1 fluid), change the transfer case fluid (I use GM AutoTrak II, good stuff), flush the transmission, and flush the cooling system. Those pop to mind. These trucks are good for lots of miles if you take care of them. Good luck.


Edit: I have averaged 15 MPG since I have the truck; about 20 MPG on the highway.

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Thanks for the replies, I had a master mechanic look the truck over and we didn't see anything major, other than some seepage coming put of the rear and front diffs, it was very little tho. And the accessory belt might need to be changed soon.


One thing I did notice when driving it last night was when ever someone opened the glove compartment I saw a light on the dash blink on, I think it's the rear cargo light, it only does it once after the truck is started as I couldn't duplicate it until I turned the truck off and started it again. Is that normal? The only purpose for that i think is to let the cop who pulled you over know your reaching for something in the glove? Hmmm.


Ima go outside and take some pics.

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Welcome to the site! Looks like a nice truck. To answer some of your questions about the cargo light on the dash and the glove box mine does the same thing when you open it. As far as gas mileage goes mine averages about 13 to 14 in the city and about 17-18 highway. Good luck with the new truck! pepsicheer.gif

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