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90Mm Tbw Super Sale! Lol, Garage Clean Out!


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Cleaning out the garage again!! will add more pics shortly, here goes, MAKE OFFERS!:


-full set of AFR dual spring titanium retainers, just the retainers, SOLD!!! to blownfogger2thg2r5h34.jpg


-LQ4 maf, good working condition, 50.00 shipped!



-one stock 09 LS7 C6 ZO6 rear axle with 2k on it, slight crack in outer grease boot, great spare, basicly new, i could even re-boot it if need be, 100.00 shipped!



-99-03? silverado fuel pump assy with sending unit, good for dual walbro action! 40.00 shipped!



-(2) sets of 6.0L exhaust manifolds, best manifold for DIY turbo setups, 75.00 shipped per set!



-one set of truck manifold outlet flanges, great for for DIY turbo setups, 35.00 shipped!


-(6) 90mm DBW 4 bolt truck throttle bodies, 45.00 shipped each!



-dbw 78mm truck throttle body, 45.00 shipped!



-99-04? gm truck/suv alternator, 105amp, 60.00 shipped!



-gen 5 (ls4, ls2, ls3, l92, etc.) knock sensors and pigtails, 45.00 shipped!



-99 and up cable throttle body pcm , stock with no tune, has red and blue plug ins, 75.00 shipped?



-03-07 classic Throttle by wire pcm, does have some sort of a tune in it, has green and blue plug ins, 75.00 shipped?


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Do the 90mm tb fit our stock lq9 intake manifold? Or are these for the tbss intake swap? Are the elictricals the same as stock?


no and no lol, they will fit 07 and up gmt900, tbss, ls2 and ls3 intakes, you will need an x-link to make them work on a 03-07 classic gm fullsize pick ups. these are what you would use for the tbss intake swap!

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are the push rods hardend and will they work in stock head with a 228R cam. If so they are sold


stock is 7.400"


if you changed your cam and lifters get yourself a push rod length checker and find out what length you need forsure


it can go either way

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what size are the retainers OD and steps or what springs are they on


They are the retainers that come with afr ls heads that use dual springs, outer diameter is 1.230", total heigth is .290, step one heigth from top is .170 and step 2 heigth from top is the same as total heigth. large spring step diameter is .884 and small spring step diameter is .640

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