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Water Pump Pulley Went Out

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damn, arrived at home after a cruise and so was my brother in law in his honda 1000r , so after i parked but before turning engine off i got m truck at WOT and then the i heard a loud noise such as a glass bottle spinning but with louder noise, turned engine off and opened hood to see what happened and looked at all pulleys and at last i saw missing the water pump pulley, good thing it only felt to the floor and rolled away with out harming nothings as electrical fans or radiator or any other components, i left truck with hood open 4 about 1 hr and i was about to take off the water pump but them decided to see if pulley would go back inn as it was, took out the cooling fans and the putted pulley in place and once with out the fan i was able hit the pulley back to its place using a 5lb hammer so now with pulley back and belt i started the engine and everything is all right but tomorrow i am going to my buddies shop to ad some welding to the water pump pulley and shaft just to make sure i wont go out again...........

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Good thing you don't have the clutch fan on it still. You would have had some major damage.

I would change the pump also. Only way I can see it coming off is because it locked up or can't keep up at high rpms.

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