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Any Ideas?

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Hey guys, I'm not very active on here but read through quite a bit of post. Anyways these came out of my buddies 2.2 ecotec fiero..... he blew a rod through one motor so nows he eagle h beam rods and wiseco 8.5 pistons in it with a t3/t4 hybrid turbo pushing 17 pounds and 44 pound injectors. But he's been tuning through hptuners and doesn't listen to anyone on the advice he gets. Anyways this is the recent results. Anny idea whats the cause of it? I think it was poor tuning.

post-18286-092463600 1308144647_thumb.jpg

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He's been telling me there's nothing wrong tuning wise when its back firing and its loaded up with fuel in the bottom that it just smokes and in the top its leaner than hell. Also he went out to the local engine shop. The guy there used to work at brodix but he told him it was over boosting and detonating looked at the ring lands....I just wanted some opinions to get a better understanding of the cause.

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Yes, everything you see here is from poor tuning; each piston has the same issue - lifted ring langs.


Pic #1 - lifted the upper ring land due to heat (it softened/melted); the piston dome is way too clean, strong evidence this cylinder ran way too lean while the motor was under extreme demand for power. Those top ring lands are THICK, so a lot of heat was involved for the top ring land to deform that way. Skirts are beyond "scuffed", they are scored to hell which only comes from having zero oil control - the marks at the bottom of the skirt (rubbing marks) could be a sign of the piston rocking in the bore under severe detonation, -or- all the rubbing/scuffing/gouging could have happened as a result of continuing to operate the motor after the top rings had disintegrated. The piston has obviously 'dug' into the outside (thrust) wall of the cylinder, the cylinder wall is f'd; since this block has been bored once already (I assuming) boring again is out of the question because I would not go more than 0.030-over on a turbocharged bottom-end - so that block is junk.


Pics #2 & #3 - piston crown on #2 is pock-marked worse than the dark side of the moon = detonation. Broken/deformed second ring lands = detonation. Deep gouges in the piston skirts from where the skirt actually contacted and ran 'dry' against the cylinder wall = likely detonation, or the motor was assembled on a dirt floor.


What a waste. :(


Mr. P.

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Thanks. Mr P for the explanation. Ill lett my buddy read it and well see where he goes from there but the last I heard from him friday they were going to order some pistons off ebay with a 8.9 cr use the same rods and crank, but just hone out the cylinders. Turn the boost down two pounds and drive it that way. He got a description saying the piistons were good to only 400 hp and low boost with the wiseco so he's telling everyone he's got over 400 hp now. Thanks again though I've got information now from first hand experience and for you guys with the knowledge on it.

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