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2004 Ss Silverado $14K Obo


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Im selling my SS Silverado. Had it since February of 09. Just as clean today as the day I bought it. Has 102K. Iv only put about 2500 miles on it since January. Has 6.0 ceramic coated longtubes nice exhaust. 3000 Circle D converter. goodmark cowl hood. HID's, Fully loaded leather/heated seats. Inside is flawless. Shackles in the back. Sits nice and level. 5% tint all the way around. Things that need to be fixed: Drive side collector needs a new bung welded on for the 02 sensor. Sensor is still good. Bung cost about $5 and muffler shop to have it welded up. The transmission slips under a heavy load. BUT the truck will come with a Brand new never installed Performabuilt level 2 transmission. I just dont have the time to install it. The tranny only cost $1940. You will get the receipt for the trans and can call Performabuilt to check when it was built etc...Also the paint is chipping off of the back bumper. Just needs a quick paint job. This is a very nice truck for a great price with a new $2k transmission. DOES NOT COME WITH WHEELS IN PIC 912-258-two three four two

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