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Fs - 2 15X8 Steel Wheels - W/295 Et Street Drag Radials


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Ran these for maybe a dozen runs but none in the last couple years. Tires have less than 100 miles on them. Asking $175.00 for the pair. Shipping is on the buyer so local pickup would be best I think. Im in Northern California. 295X65X15's. These are about 30 inches tall. These will work on a stock brake setup both disc or drum if in stock form. Larger rotors probably wont work with these but they are real sticky and hook nicely.



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Can u get closer pics of the thread, wanna get an idea of how much is left? How old r the tires? What's been ur best 60' on them?


sure can. tires are about 3 years or so. I made 8-10 runs way way back in 08 and 3 runs in 2010 before i got black flagged for an oil leak. A friend of mine also made 2 runs on his N/A reg cab with cam and bolt ons/converter and he clipped off a 1.82 60 ft on a 13.42 run. they have maybe whatever distance from sacramento raceway back to san jose is maybe 100 miles? ill have to go to my storage this weekend and take pictures which i gladly will do. best 60 foot time was like 1.96 or 1.97 i think....not great but coming from street tires and 4.56 gears they are miles better...with 4.10's or 3.73's and softer springs and good stall these will do at least a 1.8 im sure.

so give me till monday and ill get you some new pics.


thanks for looking, riv.

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