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Spent My Day Amongst Some Old Brits

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A customer who recently inherited a fleet of vintage Rolls Royce's was in need of assistance defining the proper way to restore the paint on some of his cars in preparation for pebble beach


Our main focus was the amazing 'black pearl' convertible which was in excellent shape, (1 or 11 ever made I believe he said) but I also got to spend some time on a very badly oxidized blue convertible that gets driven regularly. (see if you can tell where I polished LOL)


Under covers and tarps all over the property were rolls royces... a total of 8 complete cars and at least another 4 in various stages of restoration, heres just a few highlights of what I worked on yesterday. Amazing way to spend an afternoon... an honor and a privilege to be respected enough to be asked to touch some of these extremely rare, extremely valuable cars.


Enjoy. :cheers:












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Next thing you know, Leno will be calling you Dylan. Congrats on the opportunity man :cheers:


Those cars are pure Class. I know how you are with a camera, so where's the other 146 pics? :jester:


Leno's garage already stocks Adam's :D




We all know that Jay Leno has an incredible collection of cars' date=' motorcycles, etc. He keeps them in a series of hangars at the airport in Burbank, CA.

Did you know that his head detailer, Rosalie, uses Adam´s Products almost exclusively? Here you see us in good company, between two of the big guys. I showed up personally to re-stock their shelf, and see the still-untouched bottles of the competition. Thanks Rosalie![/quote']




Didn't take a ton of pics... pretty much under the gun to help the owner identify a good process to use on the cars, and help him get ready for pebble. I'll probably be back in a few weeks to put more work in on the other 'ghost' he has there as well as a Phantom IV thats currently under restoration at Mosiers Restoration. More pics then... also have a multi-million dollar '33 Packard concour de elegance prep next month... I'm bringing help with me just to document it as this car is in the running for multiple awards and if it wins I'd like proof I was the guy who got it there!! :D

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