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Need Catalytic Converter Advice


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My drivers side cat has gone south and the dealer want a 700+ for just that side. I was thinking of going with magnaflow hi flow direct fit cats but they told me that they are currently developing a new direct fit set of cats but they are under development and wont be out for 3 to 6 months....cant wait that long. So my question is....what would you folks recommend for a universal cat that will fit my truck and work properly? My truck is bone stock with no mods and i'm looking at replacing both cats to avoid any hassles down the road. Magnaflow cant give me a direct answer as to which universal cat would work for my truck so any advice on maufacturer and part numbers would help out greatly. Thanks in advance for your time guys.

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I have the stock ones, only had 50k on them when i removed them to install longtube headers. PM me if you are intrested.

post-14055-055756000 1308765096_thumb.jpg


Not sure of any direct fit magnaflows, if anything you will need to have yours cutout and new ones re-installed. Where are you located?

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