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$105,000 Ride At The Shop


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she a bad mother. had it in the paint booth all by her self last night so nothing would happen to her. got in this morning and rev'd her a bit she sure sounded bad ass in that booth. a guy from Cali has already bought and paid for it, hes on the way w/ a trailer to get her. wonder if the dumbass from the dealer ship got in trouble for trying to play mister cool and take it to the car show.

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just been looking around the net and surprisingly this thing will hang w/ a ZR1. only 5mph slower top speed GTR-195, ZR1-200



Yet the ZR1 is a simple tune away from murdering it.... also the ZR1 handles sooooo much better. this has been tested by many and the new ZR1 trumpts it even worse than it did in 2010

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didnt know that Sprayed99. both vehicles are WAY out of my price range so i havent done much reading on them especially the GT-R. it is a cool little car though, big change of pace from working on the norm. nissans and such at work. my fav. thing about the car is either the intake(so much nicer looking than ours) or the huge 6 piston calipers on the front

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