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Tearing Down My Old High School


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I went to a very large Technical High school here in Detroit, Cass Technical. The graduating class at times has been close to 3000 kids! So the building is HUGE. 9 floors, a gym on the sixth...So I went with a classmate who was in town to find some momentos before the entire building is gone.


The side story is that when they closed this building they left EVERY THING inside :(


So I was in a room that had vintage electronics, four feet tall, more oscillicopes(sp) than I could count. And I have been looking for a nice vice for the garage...and I find a pile of these(three) and grab the best one...and haul it down from the 5th floor


turn the corner and there is a classroom filled with them still mount to the benches:shakehead:


post-2566-077927800 1308853860_thumb.jpg


Chas Parker Machinest Vise, pat 1910, model #203, 3.5" jaws

Anyone else fancy old tools?

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