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130 Friggin Dollars?


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The 03 blower motor resistor is on a VIN specific recall. Go to your nearest GM dealership and they will run your VIN and see if yours is part of the recall.



For those of you that have already had the repair done AND you have your receipts, you can get a refund. My dad had his '03 repaired about a year ago and at the dealership it cost about $500 for him to get it done. He got a full refund from Chevrolet. This recall is only specific to the 2003 model with the manual temperature adjustment, not the digital one.

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BlackUTSSS is right, got my letter from GM the other day. Went to my dealership had it fixed while I was working. #5 setting hasnt worked for about a yr. Now everything is good. If you had the job done by a certified garage they will remburse you. If not then I dont think so.

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ive replaced a few for friends. go to your local salvage yard or try lkq.com or car-parts.com youll have to find a phone number on the websites because this part wont be listed but they WILL sell you one.

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