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The other day I was driving down the freeway and all of a sudden I hear the chime go off in my truck and it says I have low oil pressure. It still seemed to be running just fine though. I checked the oil to make sure it wasn't low. I just changed the oil about a month ago...I always use royal purple and K&N filters. I've driven it carefully a couple times since and I don't hear any knocking or other weird sounds at all coming from the engine but it keeps giving me the warning. When I first turn on my truck the oil pressure shoots up to 80 psi on the gauge and when I start driving, it slowly goes down to 0 psi. Sometimes the gauge just goes kind of wild going up and down really quickly, usually when stopped at a light or while driving slowly this happens. Not sure if my pump is bad or if it could be a bad sensor or something. Any suggestions??

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I just went through this with my SS recently, you need a 27mm 12-point deep socket, a universal joint with a 10 inch extension, and a ratchet wrench. The switch is a Borg Warner #S4202 available at Advance Auto Parts.....

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