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Cleaning Out The Garage.


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Cleaned out the garage and found a bunch of stuff I hope someone else could use. All are shipped and obo

Throttle body spacer- 80

Smart start module brand new in box- 180

09 r6 tail 100 miles on it- 20

09 r6 stock exhaust 100 miles on it- 50

Stock shackles off the ss 20k miles- 25

09 r6 stock tail light 100 miles on it- 20

K&n air filter- 15

Silverado light sensor- pay shipping

Silverado spare tire mount- pay shipping

6 gm antenna adapters for aftermarket stereo brand new- 8 each

Alpine ipod cord brand new- 5

2 Sirius remotes- 5 each

sirius mounts brand new- pay shippinh

12v ps3 power cord-15


Stay tuned more to come soon

post-21297-090539400 1309118977_thumb.jpg

post-21297-007574900 1309118995_thumb.jpg

post-21297-031108700 1309119020_thumb.jpg

post-21297-074699100 1309119047_thumb.jpg

post-21297-088192800 1309119065_thumb.jpg

post-21297-074681200 1309119083_thumb.jpg

post-21297-087211300 1309119099_thumb.jpg

post-21297-088717000 1309119118_thumb.jpg

post-21297-012635100 1309119142_thumb.jpg

post-21297-097343400 1309119170_thumb.jpg

post-21297-087250900 1309119207_thumb.jpg

post-21297-015129700 1309119243_thumb.jpg

post-21297-084210200 1309119269_thumb.jpg

post-21297-044243900 1309119300_thumb.jpg

post-21297-025377500 1309119325_thumb.jpg

post-21297-032402600 1309119342_thumb.jpg

post-21297-036581000 1309119381_thumb.jpg

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