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Teal Or Aqua Blue Hids?

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Has anyone ever seen a place to order teal or aqua blue hids? i was the first one in my school to order hids for my old truck and i ordered the 55watt 10,000k from ddmtuning.com and sure enough, within 3 months, more then 20 people in my school had hids and at least 15 of them were the same color as mine, just looking for something different for my Sss that no one else has, thanks.

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I bought mine back in 03 from a company called Meccatune. Ballasts are still good, but I've gone through bulbs. I had 8300k and they looked like none other. There is much debate over it, but truth is the heat and mix of gases can be changed to produce a variety of shades of the standard temps and colors of hids. I changed from 30000k purple, 8000k blue, but miss my 8300k the most and I can't read the Japanese website :banghead:

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