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Pics Of Local Kruise This Weekend

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So this weekend i brought my dads 69 Chevelle to our Local Kruise (Spelled with a K because we live in Klamath Falls, OR). There was an amazing turnout, they hit there 500 car limit and had to turn away at least 40 cars. (Not bad for a small town of less than 50k) Its been probably 10 years since they hit there limit. I would say that 90% of these cars were from my home town or within a hour drive.


I think one of the main reasons it was so packed was the fact the Dennis Gage was there filming an episode of My Classic Car (I will let you know when it is on tv), so i think a lot of people wanted to try to get on TV


Here are some pics of some of the cars i liked and some of the cars i voted for (i had 6 classes i had to vote for, plus best in show, best paint, best interior, best GM, Ford, Mopar). It was har to pick some of the classes especially the Camaro class because there were so many.


Here is My Dads Chevelle- Spent days detailing it up with Adams




Best In Show Winner: 1949 Buick Roadmaster Conv


Peoples Choice: 1929 Cadillac LeSale Roadster


And Looky what it is powered by


1959 Moris Minor Pickup







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Awesome pics and lots of nice cars! :pimp:


Your dad's Chevelle is my favorite by far. That was one of the cars my father had and is now my ultimate dream car.


Thank you. I love that car. It is not perfect but stil nice. It was restored to be a fun car to drive. Many parts of the car are original including engine, tranny. It still needs a few things replaced like the headliner and some small dash parts, and he may re chrome the bumpers. My dad wanted to bring it back to the way it was when he bought it brand new in 69 as he possibly could. He has not done many of the upgrades that most people do to those cars (Engine Swaps, Headers, Chrome Engine parts etc...) because he wants it to be like it was in 1969.


My dad has promised me that he will let me have that car when I have a place to store it. Hopefully that wont be to far away, then I will try to finish restoring it.

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