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Stylin Trucks

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These guys aren't sponsors here, but I thought I would share.


Years ago they were called stylin concpets and I did a fair about of buying from them with the best service, pricing etc.....


fast forward to present day. BEWARE!


Ordered Parts first thing Monday morning and I was told they would ship them on Monday. I also was told that part of my order was sent from a different warehouse and I would get email confirmation of the order and both tracking numbers....Now today I call back with no emails in any of my folders and I checked all 3 email accounts. The email was corret, but my order magically was shipped today all from the same warehouse with a tracking number that doesn't work...in fact it doesnt have enough numbers to be a fedex tracking number like they said it was. They couldn't even track it. I got put on hold for a while came back and transfered me to different part of the company that does something with awnings for your backyard LOL. Call bak and their hold spokes person says I have 0 calls ahead of me, but was on hold for 20 minutes. I'm very very tempted to call the bank and cancel the charge.


Just thought I would share this info with you guys in case they sell something you want.



*EDIT* Just called back and had a hell of a time with another rep there. These people can't even talk without studdering...I'm guessing because they are fielding calls from pissed off people now...Told me it takes 2 days to get a tracking number after items have shipped WTF??????.The company has changed ownership and the way the business is run now is a absolute joke.

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Thanks for sharing your recent experience.


A co-worker up here had hell with company recently too. He ordered a chrome grille shell and billet insert for his 1993 Silverado he re-doing.


They sent him the correct billet insert, but a S-10 truck chrome outter grille shell- then tried to stick him with the freight!!! :idiot:

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