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Ss Wheels Came On Suburbans?


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I have a guy about to sell me a set of Silverado SS wheels. He calls them Suburban LTZ wheels because they came stock on his 2007 Suburban LTZ. I told him they are SS wheels. But he said his buddies came stock with the same wheels.


My question is did GM put the Silverado SS wheel on any other truck? If so are they any different? Same wheel offset and rim width etc.?

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AFAIK no the ones on the SSS were only used on our trucks. They do have a new "ss" wheel on the newer trucks, but they are clearly different visually, but follow the same "feel" of the 5 spoke rim. I could be wrong though. I've never seen it up here.

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If you have an original Silverado sales brochure, the SSS rims were an optional rim for all other trim lines of the Silverado and Suburban....


Didnt know that, learn something new everyday.

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