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New Project: 57 Chevy Bel Air Sedan Two Door


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Hey guys havn't been on the site to much lately been busy with another project I just got a week ago or so. Its a 1957 Chevy Two Door Post Sedan that I bought from the second owner thats owned it since 1969. Its been parked for years and in and out of storage. Got it running a couple of days ago and it has a 1966 Big Block 396 with a Crane Fireball cam, Double roller timing chain, high volume oil pump, holley intake and carb (but the holley carbs not installed right now). Anyways it was a pretty cool story because everything done to the car he has done over the years he said. It still even has the 70's biasted ply tires and rusty crager steel wheels. Anyways I plan to do a full restoration on it like what I did on my 69 Chevy truck and make it into an awesome car again. Here's some pictures of the condition its in. It was originally from South Dakota and was shipped up here in 1984. So it has some rust issues that need to be addressed.







Here's an interesting thing I found while rebuilding the brake system. A completely broken brake drum, can't say that I've ever seen anything quite like that before! Pretty crazy!








Anyways on another note I did get a nice ARE Tonneau cover and Bed Rug installed in my SSS and wow is it nice to have a cover and a nice carpeted bed liner. Cleans up the back of the SS so much. thumb.gif

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Thanks guys! I'll keep everyone updated on progress. For the moment I've done somethings to get it road worth for the rest of the summer. I changed the oil, swapped carbs, fuel pump, filter, water pump, thermostat, cap/rotor and spark plugs and its running pretty good. So yesterday I decided to take it for a test drive and it ran and drove fine but seemed to run a tad on the hot side of things so I need to figure that out.

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When you swapped out the water pump, did you flush the radiator real good? Over the years, sometimes sediment collects in the lower half of the radiator, blocking some of the paths, and reduces cooling capacity. Make sure you're getting flow all the way through the radiator.


By the way, that looks like a real solid platform for a restore. It will be a beauty. Good luck!

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