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C6 Efans?


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Hey guys,


A friend of mine has decided to part out his TBSS and sell it. He is willing to sell me his C6 fan kit for a steal.... I've done some looking around and it doesn't appear that anyone has installed one of these on our trucks :confused: Any reasoning on why or why not too use them?





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I know that they're a two speed fan, He has the a full wiring harness I'm getting with them too. I'm going to have to modify the bracket to get it to fit. I know I'm going to have to re-tune for them also, just want to make sure they're wont be a problem tuning these.

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The C6 fan is NOT two-speed; the box on the C6 which controls that fan is a variable-speed controller that uses pulse-width modulation (PWM), basically it 'pulses' power to the fan either faster or slower to achieve the desired fan speed. You have two options with that fan, you either install the matching PWM controller from a C6 and in your tuning software enable PWM fan support (IF your PCM OS even supports PWM fans!), or you hook the fan to a very big relay and wire it to be either on/off (no variable speed). If you do use a relay, it has to be a BIG one (40-amp?) because the little Tyco relays WILL catch fire with that fan, we know from experience.


Did your friend use the C6 PWM controller with the fan in his TBSS, or did he use a relay? What year TBSS is it?


Mr. P.

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It's a 08 tbss, it's tuned into his pcm. It is PWM controlled (just asked him). It appears that their is a power wire, a ground wire, and one to the pcm.



no it will not work these trucks do not support the PWM function.... the controller I was playing with went on a TBSS and I also had the same fan on my TBSS. He is better off selling it to someone that has a TBSS because you would be wasting your money... in fact they don't have a large enough surface area and do not pull enough CFM at full power to cool the larger truck radiator.


looking at both a C6 stock file and the TBSS stock file they technically don't even work right on the TBSS because the PWM in the pcm doesn't pulse the same way. You also have to remember that the C6 cars constantly run at 230* and are designed to run that hot... the TBSS is not.

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