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Sold The Ss

Jesse 05ss

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Well I started having a lot of problems with my ss. It burned oil leaked it up under the hood somewhere stearing shook real bad going down the road the when ever you let off the gas going down the road it jurked really bad the rear diff was allways low the only gdge that worked was the volt and tack there was over 5500 in dents dings scratches in it. I had 2400 left to pay on it when I traded it in. I got lucky the dealership didnt test drive it at all. I got a new 2011 honda crz i get about 45 mpgs with it. well I do have a 5 piece billit grill for an ss and a driver side door cladding stock air intake wit like 350 miles on it and I do have 3 crome chevy SS rims 20's one is bent at the bead of the rim so i onlu have 3 they have toyo proxy ST's on them wit around 12 to 15000 miles on them I am wanting to sell all of this stuff its just taking up space in my shed and is usless to me now.

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I really did take good care of it i changed the oil every 3000 miles I never really ran it hard. never towed with it it was all stock except the intake and exhaust and rims. as for the dents the nabor kids thought it was cool to bounce a basket ball off the hood it was so bad it would have been cheeper to buy a new one backed up and hit a watter spicket with the door and front fiender and the bed when loading my 4 wheeler it wheeled and twisted spames on the bed. I did buy it new in 05 it had 11 miles on it. I know in 05 they had problems wit both the trany and the speedomoter and steering to. I have bougtht 4 new cars well the crz being the 4th but i had a toyota echo and a civic si that I drove the came as I did my SS and the SS is the only car i have had this much problems with and to be honest I rodded the crap out od my Si and it ran strong and hard when I traded it in for the ss. I dont really know a price for the grill I do know what I payed for it and know i wont get close to that But it is still new in the box never installed and dose have the billit bow tye. Make me an offer and fars as pics I will try and get some up this weekend

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