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6.0 L76 Vs 6.2 L9H/L92


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Does anyone know what the difference is between these two motors to achieve the different hp/tq #'s?


I know thee 6.2 has a larger bore than the 6.0 but they share the same stroke creating the 376 c.i. vs 364 c.i. I also know the 6.2 has a higher compression ratio but don't know if this is due to the pistons or different heads. Do they share the same heads? Intake manifold? Throttle Body? Cam? Does VVT have any affect on this?


What I am ultimately looking at is can I swap any of my L76 parts with any L9H or L92 parts to increase the hp/torque?

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The heads and intake are different/better on the new 6.2L. They have better flow #'s.


I'm sure the cams are different too.... Someone else will chime in for more info I'm sure (who has done the swap).


The 6.2L dosen't even come with that AFM system (cylinder deactivation).

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I too am curious to find out more about the differences. I just bought my dad's 08 MAX and he ordered a 2011 Sierra 6.2 and we were trying to find out what the upgrades are to make that significant jump in HP.

Also, is the L9H the truck engine and the L92 the SUV engine? (I thought it was L94, different years?)

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