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Pictures of wheels


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Im located in Philly. Yeah I hope its different, nothing like rolling around and saying hey there goes my truck, that has never seamed apealing to me. When its done it will then be way different.

Props to you man.....rolling stock wheels, in my opinion your truck is the best looking truck on the site....its completely different, andlooks very clean as well. In fact, of all the trucks ive seen with 20s'...i like yours ALOT....they have a different style to them all your own...pimp man very nice


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Wheels look good. Couple of questions...(put them on here so everyone can share)


1. My centercaps are not too easy to remove. I need to use a screwdriver to pop them off and even then they are less than fun to remove. Will using a screwdriver chip off the powdercoating?


2. How does powdercoating hold up to the nasty salty winters up here in the northeast?


3. Same as question #1 but for the balancing weights. When you get new tires do the weights peel off the PC at all. How about the machine used to put the tires on? Lug nuts?


4. How long does the process take? What do you do to prep the wheels?


Sorry for the questions however I am interested in doing this as a lower cost option to new wheels. :chevy:

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with powder coat you will not really have to worry about the salt and sand...it would be just as it they were silver painted...and the weights..they won't peal off the coating either...


unless the person whom did the powdercoating didn't have a clue what they were doing. then maybe they would peal. but it really isn't that tough of a process to figure out...

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You have a few questions here.

1) Getting the center caps off will not hurt the PC (powdercoating) at all, if anything you will have to be a little careful with the caps as they are plastic with Krylon Fuision paint on them.

2) PC is very tuff, most if not all of your custom car builders use PC for the frame and suspension components, its damn tuff.

3)The weights always get put to the inside when we do these, who wants a silver weight hanging off of a black wheel? The machine you use has a plastic guard on it, and the lugs are not seen.

4)It takes about 2-3 hours in the acid dip tank and then powerwash, after that its a alchool bath. Once that is done its time for powder, that whole process is about 2-3 hours with bake time.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I would love for people to start taking advantage of powdercoat, its twice as good as any paint and cheaper to boot. Ric

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