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Ngk Tr6 Part #

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Hey guys I searched with no result, I need the part # for the NGK TR6 .040 gapped spark plug? I cannot find these anywhere. Is there another name for them? Is it TR5ix? Does that equal six or something in roman numeral?





BrandNGK Spark PlugsManufacturer's Part Number4177Part TypeSpark PlugsProduct LineNGK V-Power Spark PlugsSummit Racing Part NumberNGK-4177UPC087295141779 Shorty Spark PlugNoResistorYesManufacturer Heat Range6Electrode Core MaterialCopperElectrode Tip MaterialNickel alloyInsulator TypeProjectedSpark Plug Thread Size14mmSpark Plug Reach0.690 in.Spark Plug Seat StyleTaperedWrench Diameter5/8 in.Ground Strap QuantityOneNGK Part NumberTR6QuantitySold individually.

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Some NGK (TR series) plug info for our trucks is listed below. Personally, I only use copper core plugs for boosted or deffinately for nitrous. Only use the "BR" (non projected) series for nitrous as well (I am not going to post the BR series here as it will just add confusion...besides, I know I posted the BR series info somewhere on this site in the past). Do not force gap Iridium / platinum plugs or risk damaging the tips:


Heat Range 5


Plug Name - Stock Number - Factory Gap

TR5 - 2238 *Copper Plug* (0.035")

TR5IX - 7397 *Iridium Plug*

TR55 - 3951 *Copper Plug* (0.055")

TR55IX - 7164 *Iridium Plug*


Heat Range 6


Plug Name - Stock Number - Factory Gap

TR6 - 4177 *Copper Plug* (0.035")

TR6IX - 3689 *Iridium Plug*


Heat Range 7


Plug Name - Stock Number - Factory Gap

TR7IX - 3690 *Iridium Plug*


Heat Range 8


Plug Name - Stock Number - Factory Gap

TR8IX - 3691 *Iridium Plug*







TR* Plug Specs

14mm Thread

.708" Reach

5/8" Hex


Tapered Style

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