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Well guys I just figured out how to stop wheel scrub on a 2 in front drop with 315 tires.......get into an accident :censor: I was just in Savannah on Hwy 204, which one side is like 3 lanes, in the middle lane at a stop light. The light turns green so we all start to roll. Well, the :censor: guy that was in a city of Savannah work truck two cars in front of me decided to stop in the middle of the highway as everyone was accelerating. This is a place where traffic is very heavy and people roll at 50+ mph. The guy behind him slams on brakes and then so do I. I barely tap his rear bumper and just when I thought I was in the clear, I remembered, "oh crap, what about the car behind me!" I look up in my rear view mirror and all I see is a windshield and feel her slam into the back of me :help: . Fortunately she struck my hitch square with her bumper. All it did was bend the hitch cover, which is no biggie. However, she pushed me more into the back of the dude that was in front of me! So, we all get out, and while checking our cars, the city worker who started all this crap gets into his truck and takes off! :fume: :fume: :fume: The guy that was in front of me saw him grab a backpack out of the road and THAT WAS ALL!!!


Everyone was really cool about the whole thing and didn't even want a report. I didn't either really considering my insurance company would be paying for my truck to be fixed anyways since the dude left the scene. But below are some pics of the damage that was done to the front bumper. It was scraped up some but what really concerns me is that the bumper was bent up and back. The impact also caused the paint to crack slightly. The estimate that I got on the way home was just a hair over $500. I wish there was a way that I could have gotten the guys truck number or tag number but he was already gone before I could get close enough. This just really sucks. One bit of good news is that the wheels don't scrub at all now when I turn sharp in reverse. :shakehead:





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Aren't you a cop? Call the City and tell them what happened. Maybe they can track that worker by his route or area and he can be held accountable somehow since he added all this stress and inconvenience to 3 people ya know. So this idiot stops to clear a back pack out of the road, causes a 3 car pile up basicly and drives away?! Man I am sorry. I know you're upset and this statement doesn't help but it could of been worse or injured. Best of luck to you man.......

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