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New Kid From Massachusetts


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hey guys my names chris im 19 and i just bought a 2005 silverado ss AWD with 50k miles on it and i paid 18k for it, the trucks really clean and nothing seems to be wrong with it. it was taken good care of here are some pics. hoping to learn more about the vehicals and see how other people customize their rides















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Welcome from Cali, truck looks great, love the black theme. To finish it I'd black out the amber corners and rims. That would look siiiick. Enjoy that truck, you chose the best truck and best forum, serious. The friends I have made here and mods I have accomplished would not have been possible without them!

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Thanks everyone! and so far this site is pretty great looking threw it learning some things already and getting a little taste of peoples personality by seeing what they do to their trucks and its pretty damn awesome! for the mass guys im from tyngsboro, just outside of lowell

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Guest JasonHensley22

Welcome bud! Looks like you got about the same deal on yours as I did on mine a few months ago. I got my 04 with 52xxx miles for 18,500 up here in Alaska (where EVERYTHING is more expensive...) Yours looks like it's been really taken care of as well, make sure to keep her clean and beware, the mod bug is about to bite...

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thanks everyone!! and i don't know what i wanna do for future mods probably just some performance mods. i think i got a pretty good deal on the truck he originally wanted 22k for it but i just offered him 18k and he was cool with it. is there any new England meets? i would be interested in going, when they start up again

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