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Howdy folks,


After doing a lot of truck shopping I happened to find an absolutely gorgeous 2004 Silverado SS with 30k miles. She's in virtually perfect condition and runs like a champ.


I drove off the dealer lot with her last night as her proud new owner! I haven't gotten a chance to play with it too much yet but I'm definitely planning on it.


I've done a good bit of reading around here and am pretty damn stoked to throw on a couple of mods as cash allows. I'm thinking my first purchase will be Volant CAI and from there... who knows! :)


Looking forward to the future with my new baby (don't let the wife know lol)



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Here are some pics I took today!









In the background there you can see my red 2002 Silverado Z71 with 230k miles, still running like a top!




Tried to do the img code but it wouldn't work so I suppose the regular old links will have to do lol

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Well, I just had my truck on the lift at my mechanics shop.


They told me everything is in perfect showroom condition! So, I'm in damn good shape and extremely happy with the truck lol


Now that I know it's all tip-top time to start saving up for the mods ;)




GPS headunit working with the stock Bose system (to start, maybe a full system rework later as money allows)

Volant CAI

Corsa Sport

Performance Cat maybe? What do you guys think?



A tune of some sort, I know my mechanic has done other SSS and gotten great results but I'm debating on whether I should go with Wheatly or BlackBear instead

Switch to Royal Purple full synthetic, old owner used 5/30 synth blend

Lightish Tint, maybe 15%


If there's anything "important" i'm missing please feel free to chime in ;)



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Welcome to the site Joe! !!! Nice looking SS and Congtats. Im from outside of philly area and always welling to meet SS owners. There are alot of SS owners in the area. I think we are having a meet at Atco Raceway this Sunday .. if you wonna meet up for lunch and shoot the shit im in!






Sent from my DROIDX

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