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Philly Area/De Side

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Are there any folks out in this area? I'm in North Wilmington which is about 30 minutes from Philly.


Would really love to hook up with some other SS guys to see how different mods look and especially sound in person. Maybe get a few tips and pointers and directions to the mechanics in the area that you know.


If not, no big deal, I'll do my best to hold the fort down here ;)


Looking to maybe have a late lunch/dinner at a local bar/restaurant where we can just pop our hoods and shoot the breeze etc. Where to go and when is very open to discussion since I'm not sure if there are folks around that are interested.



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Welcome to the forum Joe!! There are a few of us in the surrounding area and get together often for install parties, track meets, and gatherings. So be on the lookout for them! Me and Mark (Rockhead) are closer to Philly. Mark in from Philly and I am from the Reading area (about 1 hr west of Philly). There are a couple down in DE/MA area as well. And one in the York, PA area.


About you wanting to meet up some where, that sounds cool with me. After a bunch of other guys chime in, maybe we can collaboratively come up with something. If not, Im sure Rockhead (Mark) and I will be happy to meet up with you sometime.


Again welcome to the site! Looking forward to meeting u in the future! Dont hesitate to contact me if u have any questions about ur truck...



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Im willing to have a meet for lunch, we just to find a good time for all of us. In your welcome post, I there is a track meet at atco raceway this Sunday ..


Sent from my DROIDX

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